Why QR Code?

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This is the CasaLu Wine QR Code
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What is the QR Code on the CasaLu Wine labels?

In each behind label of the CasaLu Wine bottles, there is an image of a small square composed of small white and black forms, the QR Code (Quick Response Code). This tool allows you to store information readable by a smartphone through a simple App.
By framing the QR Code with the smartphone room we will soon reach CasaLu Wine’s web site through which we can explore the wine cards and download them.

Utility and Functionality: to stay connected always

To use the features of the QR Code you only need to have one of the apps that read this type of code on your mobile phone (for example, the “Barcode Scanner” app works very well and is free). When we want to activate the QR Code it will be enough:
1- Activate the App;
2- Encode the code by focusing it;
3- Everything done! Now we can explore the CasaLu Wine website