Why Prosecco?

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The quality features that distinguish Prosecco wine


How do I recognize a Prosecco DOC bottle?

The Prosecco DOC wine is one of the best known Made in Italy excellence in the world and for this imitation object.
Recognizing an Original Prosecco (DOC – Controlled Denomination) is simple and straightforward.
Just check the presence on the neck of the DOC State Label Bottle, that is, a unique label clamp that exactly identifies that particular bottle and certifies its origin.
For this reason, on the Prosecco DOC CasaLuWine bottles you will find this particular form of recognition that attests to its originality.


Production Method Martinotti / Charmat

To give birth to a bottle of Prosecco DOC CasaLu Wine we follow a particular and precise procedure: the Martinotti Method (named after its Italian creator) known abroad also as the Charmat Method.
What is this method?
Everything naturally arises from the grape harvest followed by the separation of the rasps. The grapes we obtain undergo a soft pressing with the separation of peel and grapevines. At this point, the natural fermentation in autoclave comes into action, which from the must makes us get the wine.
The first fermentation follows a second and then proceed to the final bottling.

Degustazione Prosecco DOC CasaLu wine

Prosecco DOC CasaLu Wine tasting

A Prosecco DOC glass is characterized by fresh, bubbly bubbles and dry flavor. We can find delicate floral notes and notes more wrapping up yellow and green fruit. The color is straw yellow and ends with the nose.
Prosecco DOC CasaLu Wine is perfect for accompanying aperitifs and toasts on holiday occasions.

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