01-Nascita del Valpolicella Ripasso

The Ripasso Technique

Nowadays, with the term “ripasso” we refer to a DOC wine that has conquered the palate and the heart of many winelovers; it is the Valpolicella Ripasso.
To be specific, “ripasso” is the name of a traditional winemaking technique of Verona that giveS its name to the wine. This ancient method consists in fermenting Valpolicella DOC, a second time by employing the Amarone pomace.

After 35/40 days of maceration, the Amarone juice and its skins are split up and the pomace, soaked of fermenting Amarone, is left into the fermenting vats.
At that moment the “ripasso technique” starts: the vats with the skins are filled with Valpolicella DOC, which undergoes a second fermentation-maceration by “passing-again” (“ripassando”) through the fermenting skins.
The resulting wine is richer in alcohol, structure, polyphenols and aromas.