How “CasaLu” Amarone wine is made

Amarone step by step (by Consorzio Valpolicella)


Making a good bottle of Amarone is a process that requires “the art of know-how”.
Once the harvest is over, we follow different phases, each of which is important in order to obtain the final result:

1- The drying process lasts 3 months in a ventilated environment;
2- When we have obtained the grapes passed to the right point, let’s get them to make wine;
3- Proceed with de-stemming to keep only the berries. So we press them;
4- Put the must in the fermentation vats;
5- The fermentation starts;
6- We wait for 30 to 40 days for maceration;
7- Now the period of aging in cask follows;
8- Finally we age our wine before we can taste it.