CasaLu Wine

Where are
our selection from?

A dynamic young cellar with experience and passion for wine


From our land we’re ready to spread our best wines! Try them…
we love only original and selected wines.


CasaLu was born in “Montecchia di Corsara” (Verona) in Veneto region by a strong passion for the land and the grapevines producing our wines.

selects and offers
all the best Veneto’s wines
as Soave,
Valpolicella and Prosecco.

Every wine has its own life and history, due to the uniqueness of the grape, characteristics of the soil, climate and land, enhanced by the experience and the technical innovation.
The CasaLu Wine Selection basis are seriousness, respect for nature, passion for the “nectar” wine.
The bond to the farming traditions combined with the latest winemaking techniques make our wines complete, complex and well-developed.

A young, well-organized and highly motivated company makes us a reliable and valued partner.

CasaLu is very attentive to the wine selection in order to give to our bottles the highest quality together with attention for the conservation of the product, controlled temperatures and the storage.
High quality products, highest availability and a speed order processing make CasaLu a valued and reliable company both for the Italian clients and the numerous clients all around the World.